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I’m a generalist. I’ve gleaned something from everything I’ve come across over the years. Have I mastered any of these? Maybe. Maybe not. But if there be one, it is weaving my thoughts on paper. I’m a writer. Or, I aspire to be one.

I write during those brief and rare bouts of inspiration. In my most clear and creative moments. Apart from writing, I love bikes. I love the freedom they give us. Of being anyone, of going anywhere.

And so thinking of it, a writer-biker may as well not love their bike or writing but rather the freedom that these two represent. The freedom these two give – of being anything. In the privacy of a helmet, one can be anything: someone’s uncle, someone’s dad, someone’s mum. No one in particular. Same thing with writing. Before a page, a writer can take up any voice, and personality. They can be funny, they can appear loud even when in actual sense they are reserved people. It then appears that what I love is freedom. Freedom to think, freedom to write, freedom to push heavy metals, freedom to explore everything life may have to offer. The freedom to be a generalist.

Whichever way you look at it, I love to write. Everything else falls on the inconsequential. At least, writing will be the only connection we shall share amongst these pages. I hope that in some way, my writing will be able to do that which I cannot otherwise do. That it will hand me a voice that in reality, I may never gain.

Lies will occasionally flow from my lips, but there may be perhaps some truth mixed up with them; it will be the duty of the reader to seek out these truths and to decide whether any of them is worth keeping.