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    It was that moment in history when horses were more humane than humans for the horses became aware of what was happening under this blade and refused to get too close. You could beat them all you wanted but they were not going to witness these horrifying scenes. Scenes that had a particular set of women called the knitters who were not just content in watching heads dropping off but who fancied watching them at a close range. Up-close.

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    To What End?


    For the past month, I've been writing about writing. Something I've found meta. Like Spike Lee producing a film on how producers produce films. Defeatist. Sounds like a dog attempting to bite its tail. One would expect Lee to produce real films. Maybe direct another film to the stature of Malcolm X (1992). And so writing about writing either really produces boring results or should simply not be considered as writing. A real writer should do actual writing - write interesting stuff. And there is nothing interesting about hiding manuscripts under one's bed.