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To What End?

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For the past month, I’ve been writing about writing. Something I’ve found meta. Like Spike Lee producing a film on how producers produce films. Defeatist. Sounds like a dog attempting to bite its tail. One would expect Lee to produce real films. Maybe direct another film to the stature of Malcolm X (1992). And so writing about writing either really produces boring results or should simply not be considered as writing. A real writer should do actual writing – write interesting stuff. And there is nothing interesting about hiding manuscripts under one’s bed.

And so I just sensed that my readers must be bored by now. But being the genteel people they are, they haven’t gotten themselves to tell me how boring I have been. For they know it would crush a writer’s soul to hear that. And so I have swiftly moved to do my part, early enough before my readers lose their cool. Because as a good speaker should be able to tell when they are losing their audience, so should a writer. It’s no different. One almost feels it. When they have dwelt too much upon a single subject.

And so I contend that perhaps the only thing I’ve written so far is The Autobiography of Malcolm X and A House for Mr Orwell. But even the latter wasn’t really writing. It was a tirade masked as an advertisement. So, I’ll apologize for hitting a single key too long. I promise to start the actual writing. Not this week though. Next week, God willing.

I also realized the UI experience of the blog wasn’t as good as I had imagined. Especially for my PC readers. If this were the realms of smartphones, they would be iPhone users. Because not many people read blogs on PCs. They are for a few serious individuals. Probably those bespectacled individuals. Reading as they sip away some evening tea. Peering through their thick glasses. Seeing those undotted ‘i’s I may never see. I thought about them too, those esteemed readers, and decided to change the design.

And so today, we are here to test the blog’s new look. If this were a microphone we were testing, I would have probably begun by saying Mic testing 1-2-3, Or I would have said, in my cacophonous voice that would take the vocoder great pains to place, ‘Those at the back can you hear my voice?’ And because back-benchers don’t like those who speak in English, I would be compelled to repeat in Kiswahili, just to ensure I don’t lose them, Hapo nyuma mnaniskia? Volume iko sawa? Because a good speaker understands how important everyone in their audience is.

But I’m not testing a mic. So I’ll simply ask:

What’s the experience with the new site like?

Does it consume too much on your hard-earned bundles? I could stop using these glossy images. Or I could consider stopping using images altogether. Because if you wanted to see pictures you would have gone to Instagram.

The preloader. Is it distractive? Does it cause delaying? Are those objects dancing too fast, we can slow them down. Also, if they happen to be too slow, we could fire them up. It won’t be difficult. We can also remove them if you don’t like being welcomed to sites by dancing objects.

If the red soaks the blog with blood, you can let us know. We can change that too. No one likes reminding people of those aunts who think dresses only come in red. We can use another colour. Beige, maybe. Anything not bloody.

The font size. Is it too small? And you’re the kind who doesn’t like reading blogs with their spectacles. Because glasses are for reading books. We could increase those too. Because at the end of the day, you matter most. I could write these and put them under my bed, but to what end? Someone has got to read them. You have to read them if my writing is to make sense, ultimately.

The font face, Cormorant Garamond. You like it? Or its stiff posture reminds you of your primary school desk-mate who used to write compositions using rulers. The one who would tempt you to hide their ruler just before a composition paper to see how cripples navigate life without their sticks. A temptation you never yielded to because where you come from, people don’t hide cripples’ sticks.


I have always thought ‘Subscribe to my channel‘ is only a reserve for Youtubers, small Youtubers. Because you don’t hear Andrew Flintoff saying those words. He just gets into some Aston Martin and drives away. Those words are for beginners. And I accept I am one. We all start from that point. The point of requesting friends to follow our blogs. To support our sprouting ventures. So yeah, I’ll ask you to subscribe to my blog if you so far like the articles, even remotely. They could improve with time, who knows. They will.■

Also, if you like the design we can do one like this for you or one that would meet your particular tastes and aesthetics. We do logos too.

You know where to find us, don’t you?


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